Lucero – Mas Enamorada Con Banda [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2018)

Lucero has intermittently paid lively tribute to her Mexican heritage across her winding career. The appropriately titled Más Enamorada Con Banda bursts with ecstatic brass fanfares and foot-stomping drums that will have fans of traditional banda whooping with delight, but the diva’s explosive voice will also remain irresistible to anyone who might secretly prefer her sleek Latin pop hits. She brings the sensuous charge of her dance-pop anthems to the sultry cumbia-style rhythm of “Secreto De Amor,” while roaring horns push her to ever-more-passionate heights on the luxurious romántica “A Pesar De Todo.”

Lucero – Mas Enamorada Con Banda


  1. Necesitaría
  2. Y Ahora Te Vas
  3. Un Corazon Enamorado
  4. Secreto de Amor
  5. Aquella Noche
  6. Ven Devorame Otra Vez
  7. A Pesar de Todo
  8. Quédate Conmigo Esta Noche
  9. Me Gustaría
  10. Disename
  11. Sera Porque Te Amo
  12. Quieres Ser Mi Amante
  13. Morenita De Ojos Buenos

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