Lucero – Mi Destino [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2000)

Latin pop star Lucero spent six months making this album, moving from Mexico to Miami, New York, and Madrid and working with producers Rafael Pérez-Botija, Rick Wake, Jimmy Greco, and Ray Contreras. Mi Destino features the Spanish version of “Do You Wanna Be Mine,” “Everything,” and the crossover “Don’t Waste My Time.” In her first full-length record for Sony Discos, Lucero combines Latin ballads and dance-pop tunes supported by well-balanced arrangements.

Lucero – Mi Destino


  1. No Puedo Mas (Don’t Waste My Time)
  2. Tuya (Do You Wanna Be Mine)
  3. Mi Destino Eres Tu (Quiero Amor) [From You]
  4. Cada Latido
  5. Arde
  6. Prisionera
  7. Nadie Me Quiere Como Tu (Everything)
  8. Llegaras
  9. Matame
  10. Dejar de Querer
  11. Quiero Amor (From You)
  12. Bailar
  13. Vamos a Cantar (Everything Is Right…)
  14. Don’t Waste My Time


  • Mi Destino Eres Tu (Music Video)


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