Pablo Alborán – Prometo [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2017)

Pablo Alborán may be known more for intimate ballads than pulse-pounding Latin pop epics, but even his most delicate songs can startle with their eruptions of emotion. Spain’s tender crooner cranks up that unique dynamism for Prometo, tearing up your heart one moment and then soothing it with a smile. The album contains the plush romanticism you might expect (“Lo Nuestro”), along with simmering grooves that spur Alborán to surprisingly ecstatic performances (“Vivir”). And the soft-to-stirring leaps of his voice stun throughout, especially the tremulous desire of “Curo Tus Labios.”

Pablo Alborán – Prometo + Extras


  1. Saturno
  2. Prometo
  3. No vaya a ser
  4. Cuerda al corazón
  5. Lo nuestro
  6. Vivir
  7. Tu refugio
  8. La llave
  9. Idiota
  10. Boca de hule
  11. Curo tus labios
  12. Al Paraíso
  13. Prometo (Version piano y cuerda)
  14. La llave (Version Pop)
  15. Boca de hule (feat. Alejandro Sanz)
  16. Al Paraíso (feat. Carminho)


No Vaya a Ser – Single

Saturno – Single

La Llave – Single

La Llave (feat. Piso 21)

Prometo Edit – Single

  1. Prometo (Edit)
  2. Prometo (Edit) [Versión piano y cuerda]

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